Happy Halloween!

I don’t know what it means that my first blog post is happening on Halloween. I guess that makes some sense for a fantasy writer…

Someone recently asked me what my favorite costume was and I had an immediate answer–though later I realized that this was not a costume I wore for Halloween. When I was 7 or 8, I was rummaging in the attic and found a really cool whip. (Okay–this sounds a bit random, but bear with me.)  It was black and white braided leather and it was probably six feet long. I have no idea where it came from. I’d like to say it belonged to some mysterious relative who left a trunk covered with stickers from around the world in the attic and never returned to get it…If that were true, I’d have an idea for a novel! I don’t know what my mom said about it or if she even knew. Maybe I didn’t care because the minute I found it I knew I had to dress up as a ringmaster. Not a ringmaster from The Lord of the Rings, but one of the old-fashioned circus ringmasters with jodpurs and a beret and riding boots and twirling mustachios. It wasn’t anywhere near Halloween but I couldn’t wait for anything as trivial as that so I asked my mom if I could have a costume party. She was very good about that kind of thing and said yes. I don’t even think I had to work too hard to convince her. The next week, my whole class arrived in costume–in a little town like Wentworth, NH, that was only 8 kids! Jackie Cormier was batman. Lynn Evans was a princess. Cheryl Cardin was a genie. I can’t remember what Stephen Downing was.  I don’t remember what we did except that we bobbed for apples. I must have had Halloween on the brain with all the costumes around. And I still have the pictures somewhere. I wonder if I could find them?

So, what was your favorite costume?


~ by ellenjensenabbott on October 31, 2008.

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