Fashion show!

What a trip yesterday was! I was a model in a fashion show! Now before anyone begins to imagine me as a 5′ 11” 125 lb. vision, let me add this: the fashion show was at my church. One of the other models was pushing 80. You get the picture. But it was still a blast! (And you can see my photo on the “About” section of this blog!)

First of all, the clothes were provided by two boutiques here in West Chester, Joya and Viva. These stores are really funky! I often go in there to window shop, though they’re usually out of my price range. Now and then I’ve bought a cool jacket there–in fact, I am going to buy one of the jackets I wore in the show which happens to be in range for me. (I’m also having fun imagining that I will need pieces like this for allthe readings and signings I will be doing when my book comes out! Does that mean I can write it off?) Anyway, I went to Joya and the owner dressed me up in dresses and ankle length pants and skirts with cummerbunds and bolero jackets and scarves. And then she accessorized! Let me tell you — it’s the accessories that get me down. And they made the outfits. (I tend to be someone who doesn’t even bother with make-up usually! Of course, I wore mascara, blush and lipstick for this. I don’t even own and eye shadow. I even made an emergency last minute trip to K-Mart for (control top) panty hose!)

So the show was at the church and the four models put on outfits and strolled among the tables of ladies lunching, showing off the clothes and talking about who the designer was, what they cost (oh my!) and how comfortable they were. There was only one of the diners who was near my age. The rest were grandmothers which was fun because I could really ham it up. One of the outfits I wore was a silk number with this really red and green bolero jacket with cut outs in front and back and a slightly Asian look. As it cost about $557 for the whole thing, it will be the ONLY time I get to wear it–but it was fun! People were taking pictures. I’ll see if I can get one and post it. (Once I figure out how to do that!)

Oh–and I just found out that my book is listed on the Borders web-site as well as Amazon! My cover is not there, so I’m going to try to figure out how to get them to post it. But it’s very exciting! You can pre-order!

TTFN! (Fashion-show posts feels like a TTFN kind of thing, don’t you think?)


~ by ellenjensenabbott on November 2, 2008.

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