CAUTION! Steep learning curve!

This whole book-being-published roller coaster I’m on continues to blow my mind! There is so much to learn! First, all the ins and outs of publishing–role of the agent, role of the editor, what you can and cannot control (cover art, for example –limited control!), what an ARC is and how it differs (or doesn’t) from a bound galley (still not sure on this…), proofreading abbreviatons, and we can’t even talk about the grammar lessons I’ve had! And I teach the stuff! I thought I was really, really good at it! Anyway, now I’m learning about marketing–a whole new world. Who to send ARCs to and how? How to get reviews–or not. How to get press–or not. I think, pre-internet, I would have had a better sense for all of this, but now I am trying to learn how to blog (viola!) and read blogs and connect blogs and post to other blogs, etc. etc. etc. Can anyone tell me what an RSS logo is? I ask one question, get an answer and I have five new questions that need answering! I did just have one little touch of technosuccess–I just did my first live chat with a group of friends from the fabulous class of 2k9!  We’re all going to do live chats as our books launch so this was a practice round. A fun and crazy-making experience all at once. (check out the web-site: — it should be on my blogroll, but I’m still trying to figure that out!) With all this new stuff to learn — and become expert at asap– my brain is on fire!


~ by ellenjensenabbott on January 3, 2009.

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