Is there a sequel?

There is! Or there is going to be! Some of my early readers of Watersmeet have noted that I’ve left the door open for a sequel. In fact, I think of this as a four book series, but seeing as I got up this morning at 3 am (!) because I have so much stuff churning in my mind, I need to focus on one thing at a time: the sequel.

I’m really excited about it, but it is hard to write. I wonder when I’m going to learn that writing is never easy? I tell my students this, I know it in my head, but whenever I start a writing project I have this sense of, “oh, yeah, I’ll just whip this out…” Yeesh.

There are some elements of writing a sequel that are easier. I know these characters. I’ve created this place–with a history, a geography, a mythology. When Abisina turns north, I know what is on her horizon. And I have a good idea of the arc of the story. I know where it will end up and many of the stops along the way. The biggest challenge I’m having in the first chapters is how much to fill in of what’s gone before. I’ve been working out the details of Watersmeet for so long that it’s natural to refer to past events and people as if they were part of this book. But they’re not. So then I go the other way and offer long paragraphs of explication about all the details that have led up to this moment for Abisina or Haret or Findlay. Boring! So once again, like so much in life, I’m at search for the happy medium, the golden mean. Why does it always come down to that? And why, if it always comes down to that, why is it so hard to learn?

Who will be in this book? Abisina, of course, and Haret. At the moment, Glynholly the faun is figuring big, as is Elodie.  Sound intriguing? Don’t know who these people are? Read Watersmeet! It will be out in about two months! Oh my!


~ by ellenjensenabbott on January 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Is there a sequel?”

  1. I have tried many a time to write out my thoughts so that they may become stories. Yet every time I try it doesn’t work out quite as I had planed. Your book Watersmeet was one of the best I have read.(and I have read many) I would like to know when the sequal is intended to come out though as I know quite well, these sorts of things just cant be rushed. Yet I still find myself wondering when the next book will come out.

    • Amanda,

      Thanks for getting in touch! I am so pleased that you enjoyed Watersmeet! It is so nice hearing from readers!! Especially right now, as I am in the final weeks of writing the first draft of the sequel. Even though I will turn in the first draft in April, it is currently not supposed to come out until Fall 2011! I know that seems like a really long time from now, but there will be a lot of editing to do and then actually laying out the book, creating the cover (which I do not do) and physically printing it takes a long time. In fact, Watersmeet was printed in China and was late for its pub date because it got hung up in transit. (You know, that proverbial slow boat to China….) So hang on! It’s coming….

      You mentioned that your stories “don’t work out as you had planned.” You know, I don’t think there is one writer for whom this is not true! I find that my characters take on a life of their own and then insist on behaving the way they want with total disregard for my plans! I usually try to fight this, and then have to give up. (They always win…) Invariably, once I let them take the lead, they take me to more interesting places than I had imagined. All of this is to say, don’t stop writing! You and your characters may suprise yourself!

      Again, thanks for the kind words, Amanda. If you live near Hudson, New York, come see me at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival on May 1! There is a website with more information….

      Check it out!

      Best, Ellen

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