THE sequel!

Just had to show-off the draft I wrote! See pictures below (or above?–the technology of all this is beyond me.)

There is no purer pleasure (inย  my opinion) than sending off the first draft. It’s finished and no one has had a chance to tell you what’s wrong yet! Sure, you have your sneaking suspicions, but for the moment, it just is. You did it. The marketing, the reviews, the editing and revising–all that is a long way off. For a little while you can revel. You wrote a book. Ahhhhh.


~ by ellenjensenabbott on May 4, 2010.

37 Responses to “THE sequel!”

  1. any idea when it will be published and available??

    • I just met with my editor last week. It’s scheduled for Fall 2011! I know that feels like a long time from now! I’ve written a draft of it and am now working on the revision. I wish it were coming out sooner, but when I think of the work I have to do, Fall 2011 seems pretty close! Thanks for asking.

  2. what will it be called?

    • Thanks for the question, Megan! I just e-mailed my editor to be sure I could announce the title name. I’ll still call this the probable title because you just never know for sure until you see it on the book jacket, but the title is: The Centaur’s Daughter. What do you think? It’s still slated for a Fall ’11 release which is also when the paperback of Watersmeet is due. And the manuscript is sitting next to me right now, covered in blue edits. I’m working my way through them and having a blast!

  3. Hey Ellen

    I can’t wait for the next adventure!


  4. I think the name is a good idea! Does Abisina get together with Findley or Corlin? Any hints? ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way you are an amazing author and have a fantastic imagination. Thanks for the wonderful story and keep them coming.:)

    • Thanks for the vote, Natalie! Actually, I had one reader think the new title was a spoiler for the first book! What do you think? My editor and I are considering a change. Any ideas?

      The only hint I can give about romance is that there will be more romance in book 2!!!!

  5. I think you should stick to whatever you like. Plus, you wouldn’t know if it was a spoiler unless you read the first book. I guess you could use Abisina as the title but I wouldn’t know what to name the book because I don’t know the focus of the book. Sorry.:(

  6. I think that it does kind of hint to the book before, but if you think about it, who really reads the second book before the first? Maybe if you just pulled it off the shelf, but still. . . is their any special object or war or another specific place? Maybe you can base it off that kinda thing. Like if you had a purple necklace (for say) that was really important in the story you could call it, “The Sapphire Stone” or something like that. Anyways, all I’m saying is that you should continue what your doing and keep your mind wide open to new possible ideas, I’m sure your genious imagination will come up with something that grasps the concept and provokes the reader into a whole new world. Write on! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Catherine–You ROCK my world!! What good, sound advice. Honestly, I’m leaning toward The Centaur’s Daughter as the title still, though I really like your ideas about a specific place, too. I met A.S. King this weekend (Dust of 100 Dogs) and we were discussing titles–I love hers! She said, she is good with titles, which is not my strength. Her struggle is endings, which I can do with ease. Funny how we all approach this writing thing differently!

  7. I like the sound of your original title for the second one…but one option could be like “The Seldar Tree” or “Seldara”….those are just some random ideas. By the way, i really liked “Watersmeet” I could not put it down so I ended up reading it in one day! =D

    • One day! That’s great to hear!! And I like your suggestions for titles, though I have some other plans for “Seldara” titles . Thanks for sending me a response!

  8. I have a predition…..does Abisina…get to be a centaur? i just had to ask.. i can’t stop thinking about what will happen in the next book. please hint. i can’t wait for the next book. i’m soooo excited!

    • Wow! Thanks so much for your excitement, Zaida! You can’t imagine how fun it is for a writer to hear that he/she is connecting with readers! As for a hint–I can’t do it! I don’t want to spoil the story if your prediction is/isn’t true. But I will say that I recently sent off a big round of revisions to my editor so it’s getting closer. I’m excited because I included my drawings for a map and it looks like we’ll have a 4 page map spread instead of the two in Watersmeet. Lots more adventure in this one!

  9. hey love your book and i hope the next one is even better than the first keep writting your doing a great job

    • Thanks so much for the words of encouragement, Danielle! It’s exciting to have the next book with my editor now. I can’t wait to see what she thinks!

  10. I typed a response, and it didn’t show up. So forgive me if this is posted twice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just finished WATERSMEET, and I am sooooo excited there will be a sequel. I’ll be checking for updates.

    If you’re interested, I posted a review for WATERSMEET.

    • Great to hear from you, Andrea! I’m so glad you enjoyed Watersmeet. The sequel is indeed in the works. At the moment, my editor has it to check out my first major revision. I should be getting it back from her in about a month to make some more changes. It’s still scheduled for a fall 2011 release. Seems like it should be sooner, doesn’t it?

      And thanks for much for the review on your blog. I checked it out and really like your blog! I’d love to do an interview or something for The Centaur’s Daughter blog tour, if you’re interested.

      • An interview? Interesting. Why? Because I was thinking the same thing. You can email me. It’s on my blog. I didn’t see your email, so…

        I’m still very excited over the sequel.

  11. I do have a question. . . Are you trying to make this book big? I know that is all authors dreams in general, but if you really want to make it big you do have to bring some thing different to the table. I know you’ve probably done most of the work already. But I am just hoping you didn’t do anything to much mixed in with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Eragon. I am not trying to sound offensive, I really did like your first book.

    • Thanks for the question, Catherine. It’s an interesting one. I don’t know if I agree with you that all authors have the dream of writing big books. My goal is to tell the story–in as many or as few pages as it takes to tell it well. When I posted these photos I was just blown away by how much I wrote! It was more about being amazed than about demonstrating that I met a goal. In fact, I cut out over 100 pages as I did the revision. The Centaur’s Daughter is, at the moment, about as long as Watersmeet–and that felt good too, because as I cut, I cleared the clutter and let the story stand out more. And I say that The Centaur’s Daughter is about 300 pages “at the moment” becaure there are more revisions coming, though not of the magnitude as that first one. I think lots of writers get carried away in early drafts. I know I do. I figure I should just put it all out there, because I can always cut, but I can’t always tell in a first draft if I will need what I am writing. A good editor will help an author get rid of the extraneous stuff–even if it’s good writing. I hope that answers your question!

  12. Sort of, but when I said make it big, I meant make the book famous, or big, as in popular. I don’t know if that was the way you first thought of my question or not. But either way I hope you carry out your ideas successfully

    • Of course that’s what you meant!! Sorry. I must have had too little tea when I responded to your question the last time! Let me try again. I would love for the next book to be big in the sense of lots of copies sold both because it would mean that my story–which I feel strongly about–would be connecting with lots of readers, and, let’s face it, the financial rewards would be nice. As I’m sure you know, except for a very few authors, most of us cannot quit our day jobs. As to “bringing something differnt to the table,” I can certainly say that I am not trying to mix in elements of the books you mentioned in order to increase sales (No gratuitous vampires because vampires are “hot” right now). I’m writing the story only I can write. Watersmeet and The Centaur’s Daughter are high fantasies so there are elements in them that are in lots of high fantasies, such as Eragon and The Lord of the Rings (monsters, quests, battles), but I am using these elements in my own way to tell the unique story of Abisina.

      So thanks again for a good question–sorry I misinterpreted it the first time!

  13. i have a question. when do you guess when the book will be done?

    • Thanks for the question, Zaida! The book is due to be published fall of 2011. It seems like a long time from now, doesn’t it? I’ve done one big revision on the manuscript pictured in this post. My editor has the manuscript now, though I expect it back from her in the next couple of weeks. I’ll do another revision or two and then it will go to be printed. I expect that my part will be finished by spring, but it won’t be available for another year. It’s a long process!

  14. I have a question, will the Green Man appear is the next book?
    I aslo think you are one of THE BEST authers I know of. I LOVED watersmeet and can not wait for the sequel!!!! :~)

    • Wow! Thanks for such nice words, Amanda! I’m so glad you liked Watersmeet. The Green Man does appear in the next book–though that’s all I can say about it. I love the Green Man and all the stories around him. He’s such a cool being! I’d love to write more about him someday…

      • I had not heard about the Green Man before I read Watersmeet, but I looked him up and I found him really interesting. I am glad he appears in the sequel, The Centaur’s Daughter. Also I can not tell you how much I loved reading Watersmeet. It is one of the very few books I love to read over and over!

  15. i really loved Watersmeet i just finished it today it took me about a day since when ever i had time i read it and couldnt put it down. one of the reasons i felt i was so good was it wasn’t exactly like all the other books popular now and the unexpected twists are ACTUALLY UNEXPECTED unlike some. i loved the characters and that their personalities are real. it was never boring and i can’t wait so the sequel.

    P.S. The Centaur’s Daughter is an awesome name :DD

    • Great to hear from you, Taylor! Every writer longs to hear that his/her book is not like the other ones out there. I’m now about two weeks away from getting my revision back for the next round! I think I’ll keep all these nice comments near me as I work on that!

  16. I have to say what really made me pick up your book was the cover with absina on the front her picture gave me a feeling of this book must be dark and mysterious. I liked your thought of the names, absina and her mother sina how they both share names in a sort of way. I think because you chose a one word title for the first I think it would be good to follow through with that on the second book title. I’d love for absina to have a sort of transformation like her father maybe somthing very different as such a surprise to the readers(: your book was soo good I just had to read it in 2 days. I hated how her mother had to die I thought maybe u would bring her to life at the end of watersmeet after her father died and it would b a sort of revelation because absina would ge her mother back but not so good as to her mother gets to see her lover again. But the book played out wonderful. Maybe we should see a sort of lover for Harret in the sequel ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know I cannot wait to buy your sequel in the fall I will be searching for another book titled The Centaurs Daughter with a picture just as mysterious as watersmeet. Thanks Ellen!

    • Thanks so much, Chelsea! It is great to hear from you. I love getting these ideas from readers about how they think this book or the next book should go! These comments show how varied stories can be! I write my version of Watersmeet but each of you could write your version, too!

  17. Watersmeet was so good! It was just…too amazing for words to describe. In my school, we were required to pick one book off an extensive list to read over winter break. I bet you can guess what I chose! I could not put it down for the one day it took me to read it. I was just glued to Watersmeet.(by the way, whenever I think of the Green Man, I imagine the jolly green giant from the vegetable packs at the supermarket!) I’m so glad you wrote a sequel, I’m quite looking forward to reading it. Also, I had an idea for the covers. Often times, I’ve found it difficult to find books in a series. It helps when they have a logo or something to identify the collection of books. You know how many famous book series have logos, like the p with the lightning bolt for Harry Potter, and such? I think that there should be a logo on the spin of the book, so everyone knows that it’s from the Watersmeet series (it would be cool to call it Chronicles of Seldara, but that might give away a bit much.) Maybe the logo could e Vigar’s necklace? Anyway, I really enjoyed your book, and I hope that the Centaur’s Daughter (love that title, will Abisina be able to speak to Rueshlan like she could with Vigar?) turns out fantastic!

    • I am writing this in bed, home with a bad cold–and rereading your comments makes me feel a lot better! You have such wonderful enthusiasm for my book! Thank you! (By the way, I would love to know where you go to school!)

      The Jolly Green Giant probably is a descendent of the Green Man! The more you look into the Green Man, the more you find out about how he’s worked ourselves into our lives. Robin Hood is also related in some way, researchers think.

      I haven’t seen the cover of The Centaur’s Daughter yet. I don’t think there will be a symbol to connect it to Watersmeet, but the covers will look alike to help readers make the connection. If (when?) I write the third book in the trilogy, then there will be some series title. I love the idea of the logo being the necklace, though! I’ll pass that on to my editor!

      Thanks again for your comments! And check back to the blog for more information as I get it!

  18. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Maybe some of Hoysta’s mushroom soup would help? (minus the mud, of course.) Anyway, thanks for responding! I am really looking forward to the next book. Sorry I haven’t wrote in so long, I will check back more often. Get well soon!

  19. I just finished your book Watersmeet and as soon as I turned the last page I had to find out if there was going to be a sequel. Let me just say that I was very excited to find out that there will be a sequel and that it will be coming out very soon! Thank you for writing such a captivating story as Watersmeet!

    • Thanks, Kaitlyn! Did you notice that the first chapter of the sequel is posted here on my blog? It’s under the “Pages” tab! So glad you liked Watersmeet! And I am just getting started on the third book, which will conclude the series. All the best!

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