Quick! Get in on a contest to win a Centaur’s Daughter ARC!

Only a couple of days left! Go to http://www.mangamaniaccafe.com/?p=5480 and enter to win an Advanced Reader’s Copy of my new book! There is also a review on this website! Contest ends 9/12!


~ by ellenjensenabbott on September 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Quick! Get in on a contest to win a Centaur’s Daughter ARC!”

  1. EJA:
    My daughter and I have been completing various series like Eragon/Inheritance and Harry Potter. We met you at a book fair in Warwick, NY, where we picked up Watersmeet and newly published Centaur’s Daughter (we may be remembering it incorrectly, but we may have been first buyers of Centaur’s Daughter), finally reading both over the last couple of weeks. My daughter, age 10, has only one thing to say in praise of your work: “Hurry up on book 3!”
    Thanks for the good reading and we look forward to more from EJA.

    • Brian, I remember meeting you!! I’m so glad you and your daughter enjoyed the books!! I’m doing my best on #3! Give my best to your daughter!

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