Why I love writing (at the moment…)

…because a few days ago, I looked up the characteristics of a shrapnel wound (really nasty pictures, by the way) and learned how quickly and to what extent such wounds would get infected. I also learned various techniques for cleaning these wounds. Today, I looked up sea monsters and found this really cool Maori monster called the Taniwha which can be good to a certain tribe and terrifying to others. Sometimes it lives in the sea, sometimes in rivers. What other job allows you to pursue such a wide collection of questions and call  it “research”? One click leads to another, and pretty soon was I was learning about cryptozoology, which is a search for animals whose existence has not been proven. Who knew?

(and yes, there are some clues to what might be happening in the next Abisina installment in this post!)


~ by ellenjensenabbott on April 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “Why I love writing (at the moment…)”

  1. Besides the beauty of learning about subjects I would have never thought to explore without the motivation to write, I once heard research was the key to breaking and preventing writer’s block. Having written a novel, it’s accurate about the writer’s block prevention but also and more importantly under-sung.

    Research is remedial to dull writing. When incorporated correctly, it provides a layer of authenticity to the reader, whether they know why or not, and intensifies their suspension of disbelief. I find it edifying and expanding, causing me to question assumptions and beliefs about the way the world works. It also unfolds new opportunities and directions for the environment and characters.

  2. Interesting post, Ellen! Research is fun, isn’t it? I’m always learning something. And I’m intrigued by your hints about what may be in store for Abisina!

    • Thanks for the notes, Joanne and JR! And I absolutely agree that research is a great cure for writer’s block. There’s nothing like looking up some new creatures to get your mind going on how you might use the teeth of one and the stinger of another to create a whole new creature!

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