Still being read!

It’s fun when something like this–a good review from a first-time reader–comes up–three years after the book came out! People are still reading it! Yay!! It’s what every author hopes for, but it’s easy to wonder if your books are mouldering on a shelf somewhere….(The usual writing insecurities surface…)

Thanks to Rants and Raves!


~ by ellenjensenabbott on August 17, 2012.

One Response to “Still being read!”

  1. There will always be new readers. ^_^ I, for one, have so many books on my wishlist that when new books come out, it sometimes takes me a few years to get to them. (I’m a bit of a slow reader, though, too.) Also, discovering an older book I’ve never heard of before can be just as exciting. So, worry not, for even decades from now there will be readers discovering your books for the first time. Watersmeet definitely meets the criteria for timeless values (as opposed to trend-following), and readers of all ages can relate to coming-of-age stories, as people are continually going through major changes in their lives. (I can’t seem to get enough YA books at 30.)

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