5 Responses to “Appearances!”

  1. Will you be at YA Fest in Easton, PA on 8/4/12?

    • I would love to go, Devra, but I am not currently scheduled. Do you know who is organizing it and if there is still room on their schedule?

  2. I apologize for any confusion. For some reason I thought I had seen your name on the list of authors my children had received. I am the proud mother of two avid readers. My son received Watersmeet in his Easter basket and can’t wait to start reading it. He loves books that include mythological creatures and is already asking for the 2nd book:)

    The event is being run by the Palmer Branch of the Easton Area Public Library. I will get you a contact name and email ASAP.

    • Devra–It’s my turn to apologize! I AM going to YAFest! You must have talked to someone at the library, too, because the organizer contacted me to say, “er, Ellen, you are already coming to this event. In fact, you sent us all of your stuff….” How embarassing! So you did see my name! I hadn’t updated all of my calendars and it got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, I’m thrilled to be going; it looks like such a great event!

      I hope your son is enjoying Watersmeet. I hope I get a chance to meet both of you in August. I’ll have The Centaur’s Daughter with me, of course, and would be happy to sign the book he got in his Easter basket.

      Take care–and thanks for helping keep me straight. It takes a village!


  3. We are so glad you are able to come:) I had spoken to someone at the library on Saturday when my children attended their YA book group. I had asked if there was an email you would be able to use to contact them. They said they would be in touch with you.

    It definitely sounds like a wonderful event. My children are really looking forward to it. I am sure we will see you in August!

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