chapter 1 Centaur

Click on the above (chapter 1 Centuar–in bold) and you will see the title page, the Cast of Characters, the Prologue, and CHAPTER 1!!!!



  1. oooooooooooo…..
    i just can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s so good allready!!
    i could just scream with delight.

    • Thanks so much, Zaida! I’m in the middle of chapter 1 in the next book (!) so it’s great to hear that this chapter 1 worked!!

  2. I don’t want to have to wait to go buy this book!!!! It is soo good!!! I also have to reread Watersmeet!!!

    • Thanks for the excitement, Amanda! It’s been a crazy month what with school starting up again (I’m a teacher) and the book launch! I’ve been slow on replies on the blog, but your comments and others like them remind me to get back to work so that I can make my spring deadline for Book 3!

  3. Just have to say, you have defenitly raised to a top 3 spot on my list of favorite authors. I just finished re-reading Watersmeet, and i loved it even more the second time! I found things that I didn’t remember reading the first time around. Excellent job! Can’t wait to read the next one!

  4. Just wanted to say that Watersmeet has made its way into my top 10 list of favorite books ever. Definitly cannot wait until my school gets the second book. Loved the prologue and the 1st chapter of it. Also need to say this: you have become one of my top three favorite authors. Keep on working so I can keep on loving your books! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Melina Grace!! I am so glad you enjoyed Watersmeet! I hope your school gets The Centaur’s Daughter soon. Have you asked your librarian? I find librarians are usually so helpful when someone wants a book! And you’ll be glad to know that I’m hard at work on #3. In fact, that’s why it took me a few days to post your comment and get back to you. I’m trying to write 5 pages a day! Some of them are terrible, but I want to get a terrible draft finished so that I can be sure about where I’m going.

      Thanks again for leaving a comment!!

      • In answer to your first question, no I haven’t asked yet, but its close to the end of the year, so I suppose I should do that soon so they can get it for next year. Is there any chance that you could tell me what the title of the 3rd book is yet? I don’t really know how you authors do it, but I tried to write a couple of chapters to a book of my own…I didn’t get very far. Good luck writing 5 pages a day!

      • Keep writing! Sure, there are lots of starts and stops, but if you keep at it, you usually get where you want to go.

        I’m going to need that “good luck” for writing 5 pages a day! I’ve mostly stuck with it–Tuesday was not a good writing day!–but it’s tough. So far, it hasn’t been coming up with ideas that is difficult. It’s finding the time! But every day is a new chance.

        I can’t tell you the name of my new book because I don’t know it yet! I have a few ideas but titling books is not my strength. I’ll throw out my ideas to my editor when I’m further along and see what she thinks. As soon as I know, I’ll announce it here. (I should warn you, though. Publishing companies are famous for changing titles!)

      • Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll keep trying. I agree. Every idea is always a new possiblity of a strange, new twist to a book. It seems to be the best idea to explore every possible avenue. Always write dow your ideas, even if you think they’re dumb. If you do that, you’ll always have something new to build off of. Am I right? It doesn’t surprise me at all that publishing companies do that. Isn’t that what most eveyone in a big company does? Even the government has a tendency to do that…but I don’t want to get on that subject. Maybe you should bounce ideas around on here first, and then submit the ones that people like the best to your editor. Then go from there!

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