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2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. My daughter is an avid reader and young writer at 12. It is so difficult to find a good book for her to read. Having been burned but other “teen” authors, I always pre-read her books. What a wonderful and engaging book Watersmeet was. I couldn’t wait to read Centaur’s Daughter (an autographed copy form the Books a Million Signing). Two days later and I am so excited that book three has made it to the publisher. I am now anxiously awaiting its release and hopefully a book signing at one of my favorite book stores (we have such good ones in Exton/West Chester). Imaging my surprise to see that you also live in the area. I may only treat dogs and cats, but it is a pleasure to read about your other folk! Thank you for writing such wonderful books and sharing your gifts with our community.

    A dark haired and green eyed healer who is now also a fan!

    Dr. Shannon Stanek
    Exton Vet Clinic

    • Dear Shannon,

      I cannot tell you how much your comment means to me! It came at a time when I was slogging through the next revision of The Keeper–Book3!–which is why I am so late in posting and responding to your wonderful post! And I love that you’re a green-eyed, dark-haired healer! The Keeper, the probable title, will be out in the fall. I don’t have an exact date yet, but will certainly announce it here. And yes, I will plan a local event to celebrate the release. I hope you and your daughter can come!

      Thank you again for your wonderful comment. Writing can be tough and lonely (and glorious and exciting), so I treasure comments from readers.

      All the best,


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